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Why Partner With SaniGLAZE

At SaniGLAZE, quality matters. That’s not a slogan or gimmick, it’s how we do business. Our products and processes produce tangible value for our clients. By becoming a SaniGLAZE franchisee, you are delivering a higher-value experience with a long-lasting solution.

Advantages of Working with SaniGLAZE

Becoming a SaniGLAZE franchisee means access to a host of exclusive benefits from day one. We work with our franchise owners on an individual basis to help guarantee the best chances for their continued success. Working with SaniGLAZE provides the opportunity, and our most successful franchisees are those that seize that opportunity and run with it.
The higher standard we set for ourselves is something that clients notice, and what turns them into evangelists eager to share their positive tile restoration experience with others. You can have that same energy right in your own protected franchise territory. Let’s get started.
Recurring Sales

Higher Annual Sales


On average, our franchisees reported $524k in annual sales in 2021. Includes franchisees with multiple territories.

Profit Growth

Better Profit Margins


On average, our franchisees report a 20% gross profit margin on their SaniGLAZE sales.


Decades of Experience to Fall Back On


SaniGLAZE has over a century of experience providing facility maintenance and restoration services.


Protected Territory


A protected territory ensures you’re the only SaniGLAZE service provider in your area.
Quality Assured

Proprietary SaniGLAZE Processes and Products


Our processes and products are exclusively available to our franchises, providing a distinct market advantage.
Community Support

Insider Tips from Franchise Community Groups


The SaniGLAZE network includes 36 franchisees covering 72 franchise territories in the US and Canada.

See the SaniGLAZE Difference For Yourself

What Real Franchisees Really Say About their Experience

Travis Owens - testimonial
Travis Owens - testimonial

Travis Owens

Cubix, Inc.


“SaniGLAZE International understands that we are in it to win it. We don't give up - we like to be at the top. So the constant communication from them and the understanding on both sides as to what expectations are has been very good. I feel like at any time I can call them about anything and feel like they can do the same with us. We have a very open and strong relationship. .”
Clarance Tilley-testimonial
Clarance Tilley-testimonial

Clarence Tilley

Complete Floor Care Solutions


“There is no upper echelon. You can talk to anyone there. They are always available and they are great listeners. ”
Jack Stevens-testimonial
Jack Stevens-testimonial

Jack Stevens

Service Management Group


“I appreciate the efforts they make on our behalf. Whether it's a new product demo at our facility or technical assistance over the phone, if we have a problem, they are there.”
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Find New SaniGLAZE Franchise Locations

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We’re continuing to add new territories for our franchisees to take advantage of. Helping make sure each SaniGLAZE franchise owner has the greatest chances for success means doing our homework and finding territories primed for maximum growth.
Searching “SaniGLAZE franchise opportunities near me” in your search engine can produce a lot of results. Get the most up-to-date information right from the SaniGLAZE team and discover the new U.S. markets we have coming online

Download Our Guide to Becoming a SaniGLAZE Franchisee

See all the ins and outs of what it takes to own a successful SaniGLAZE franchise. Download the complete SaniGLAZE Franchisee Informational Packet to learn more about the process.