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Become a Tile Restoration Franchisee

Partnering with SaniGLAZE means capitalizing on our decades of experience within this industry and the support to help get you and your team the greatest chance of success. With protected territory, proprietary products and services, and a shared entrepreneurial spirit, SaniGLAZE fractional franchise owners become their market’s trusted authority in tile and hard surface restoration.
Ready to Begin Your SaniGLAZE Journey? 

The SaniGLAZE Story

Percy History

The first step in your journey is understanding how SaniGLAZE started. We founded SaniGLAZE to solve a simple problem in facilities maintenance—what to do with aging tile & grout, countertops, partitions, and other hard surfaces. Of course, one could replace them, but demolition and construction are messy and costly. You could also have everything deep cleaned, but eventually, the process doesn't yield satisfactory results. In addition, the facilities reflect the brand for colleges and universities, hospitals, corporate offices, and other highly-trafficked establishments that need a long-term solution that looks as good as it works in restoring tile and hard surfaces.

Founded by the Godfather of Clean, Percy Rosenbloom, Jr., our parent company, Royal Services, developed SaniGLAZE in the early 90's as a response to these unsightly and unsanitary surfaces. When installed by highly-trained techs, SaniGLAZE's proprietary processes and products produce eye-popping results we call the "WOW" factor. Tile & grout, countertops, partitions, and more can all look in like-new condition and provide a far easier-to-maintain surface. In addition, our franchise owners benefit from a wide variety of products and processes built on decades of experience that provide a cost-effective long-term solution for our clients.

What is a Fractional Franchise?

The fractional franchise exemption is a federal regulation that allows a franchisor to offer a franchise as an add-on to a prospective franchisee’s already established business. The beauty of fractional franchise ownership is less risk with more opportunities. Our model under this exemption helps give franchisees the best chance for success, with less risk than traditional franchise ownership deals.

Our franchise owners capitalize on their existing business experience and local knowledge while deploying a full-arsenal of SaniGLAZE products and services within a protected territory. From day one, franchisees get the full support of our team to help train yours in the best ways to yield such awesome power. Running in the background, you’ll also have national marketing support that helps direct qualified leads right to our franchisees’ doorsteps. We’ll even help you identify large accounts within your protected territory to give your franchise the best possible chance of success.

How to Become a SaniGLAZE Franchisee


Step 1: Research, Research, Research

Deciding if owning a SaniGLAZE franchise in your area should all come down to the numbers. See if your existing business can support this growth with the right people and processes in place. For long-term success, look for densely commercial areas with lots of large buildings, e.g., school district offices, K-12 schools, places of worship, hospitals, etc. You’ll enjoy a protected SaniGLAZE territory, but you should also do a little research into the relative competitiveness of your area. Download our franchisee information packet for loads of information to help get you started.

Phone Call with a Potential Franchisee

Step 2: Due Diligence Phase

When you’re ready to start your application, simply fill out your basic information in our contact form. A friendly, knowledgeable SaniGLAZE franchise consultant will then reach out to gather all the necessary information. During the due diligence phase, we’ll be looking at your current set-up and covering all required, including initial investment as a franchise owner, ongoing fees, and other costs and expectations in running a business.

SaniGLAZE Office Visit

Step 3: Getting Up and Running

When all of the due diligence has been completed, and the model seems like a good fit for our franchisees, we’ll move forward with executing the franchise agreement. Once everything has been finalized, we can immediately proceed with training and start-up preparation.

Benefits of Owning a Franchise 

As you can probably see, the SaniGLAZE franchise model isn’t like traditional franchises. We are a family-centered organization, which also extends to each of our franchisees. Working with SaniGLAZE should feel like working with family, and we back that up with unparalleled support from day one.  


The benefits of choosing to become a fractional franchise owner with SaniGLAZE are many, including the following: 

Tech Training
Access to the Entire SaniGLAZE System

The collection of processes and state-of-the-art products delivered by our expert Service Providers makes SaniGLAZE stand head and shoulders above the competition. You’ll have all the training and tools you need to deliver this powerful solution within your own chosen territory.

Team Building
Protected Territories

While we’re talking about geographic areas, did we mention you’ll have your own designated, protected territory from which to be the exclusive SaniGLAZE service provider? 

Sales Training
National Marketing Support

Behind-the-scenes, our marketing team at HQ will be helping attract, engage, and send qualified leads and consumer data right to our franchise owners. 

At SaniGLAZE, we see our franchise owners as a complement to who we are and how we do things as a company. That’s why our franchise consultants work hard to see if your situation provides the best environment for maximum growth.

Financial Expectations

Financial expectations refer to the financial requirements and expectations that an individual should be aware of when considering becoming a franchisee. These can include the initial franchise fee, ongoing royalties, advertising fees, and the expected costs of opening and operating the business. It is also important to have a solid understanding of the potential revenue and profit the business may generate. Additionally, it's also important for the potential franchisees to understand the financial support available from the franchisor and any lending options, in order to determine if the business venture is financially feasible.

Get the Guide to Becoming a SaniGLAZE Franchisee