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SaniGLAZE Franchise Opportunities 

Protected territory, best-in-class training, proprietary products and services—the benefits of partnering with SaniGLAZE are enormous for business owners. We provide a full framework to help guarantee the best possible chances of success within your targeted market.


What is Fractional Franchise Exemption?

The Fractional Franchise Exemption allows both the franchisee and franchisor to enter a franchise relationship with less risk than in a traditional offering. The franchisor has less risk of its franchisee failing because the franchisee has relevant business experience and is not dependent on the franchisor’s brand to keep its other businesses open. These same factors make the offering more attractive to the franchisees because they are not dependent on the new franchise for success.

More Opportunities Nationwide with SaniGLAZE

Helping our franchisees succeed means leveraging decades of experience and a full support system from day one. Some of the best opportunities for bold entrepreneurs to really make a mark as a SaniGLAZE franchisee are within densely-concentrated commercial areas. Think hospitals, schools, large office complexes, and government facilities.

Because of these facilities’ size and relative foot-traffic, there are more opportunities for you to showcase the awesome power of SaniGLAZE. Seeing unsanitary and unsightly tile and grout become like-new again, and just one project will leave you as your client’s new go-to for all things hard surface and tile restoration.
Map of United States
Bakersfield, CA
Fresno, CA
Honolulu, HI
Boise, ID
Des Moines, IA
Wichita, KS
Portland, ME
St. Louis, MO
Bozeman, MT
Omaha & Lincoln, NE
Reno, NV
Fargo, ND
Cleveland, OH
Oklahoma City, OK
Sioux Falls, SD
Burlington, VT
Charleston, WV
Cheyenne, WY
Charlotte, NC

You Bring the Skills, We’ll Bring the Proprietary Processes

Our most successful SaniGLAZE franchise owners are those that have the skills to own and operate a tile restoration business. With superior training and support, we provide the framework for your success, but how far you wish to take the opportunity is entirely up to each individual owner.

Fully Protected Territory

One of the chief benefits to working with SaniGLAZE is that you will be the only SaniGLAZE service provider within a defined territory. No more worrying about a new service provider invading your turf. You’ll have a legacy to stand on that speaks for itself in the minds of your clients.

The Beauty of Large Accounts

We become facility managers partners for overcoming the maintenance challenges inherent to tile and hard surfaces. Our strategy focuses on targeting larger accounts like hospitals, school districts, colleges and universities, and large commercial or government facilities. The greatest opportunities lie in helping owners and facility managers see the value in restoring, rather than replacing their facility’s tile and hard surfaces.

The Benefit of National Marketing

Our in-house marketing team helps educate your clients in all the benefits of the SaniGLAZE system so you can focus on providing a superior service experience. You’ll enjoy enhanced lead generation, actionable information from consumer data, and more qualified leads right in your service area.

Schedule a call now to learn more about becoming a SaniGLAZE franchisee.